26 April, 2010

Religion, The Religious and Movies

Now I know there're a lot of movies out there about the religious zeolot warning everyone of the impending doom- then turning out to be right and fighting off the demonic forces. They usually make for good action/fantasy films (but not always).

But in regards to those that seek to be more realistic, from what I've seen is that all those who turn to their faith for salvation are usually the first to go.
I think for example 2012 makes a good example of this;
There's a part where one of the characters asks where the president is and his secretary says "He's praying, and considering the circumstances- it's not a bad idea"- well obviously it was because he and all those in St. Peter's Square ended up killed at the end of it while the ones who tried to help him survived.

Now christians could say- yes they died, but they're in heaven now, so it's better than surviving. To that- I say "Fuck off" because you don't know, no-one knows, so quit trying to claim land that has no ground.

And even in some films which are obviously in the genre of sci-fi- the religious end up as dead as anyone else.

The point being is that anyone who is realistic knows that the religious are living in a fantasy world. If a film came out about
talking animals- it'd be a kid's film.
A great flood- it'd be a disaster film
Wars- an epic. An epic as defined as of "heroic, majestic and/or unusually great proportions"
People travelling by firery whirlwind to castles in the sky- a fantasy
Fights between warriors over a girl - a romance
Trying to win her by presenting her father with foreskins- a rom-com.

The list goes on, but the general point is that the core of the Bible is pure fucking Fantasy and if it were even POSSIBLE to portray it as any other way, the movie-makers in the world would've jumped on that like horny priests to a blind choir boy.

Sooo, when you next what a film which involved angels and demons- look at the genre, I'm willing to be "Fantasy" will be there.
Btw, I love the film The Prince of Egypt *thumbs up*

Trolling with Logic, RyuOni1989.

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