20 April, 2010

Creation Scientists vs Real Scientists

Now, I know most people already know this, but this one goes out to the ones out there who are complete creationists and think there is actually such a thing as "creation science."

So what is science? Science is the system of acquiring knowledge through testing, repeating, and observing the natural world. This is done through the scientific method. Now, the scientific method is this- you find something odd in nature and you gather some evidence for figuring out what it is and what's causing it. After going into the field and gathering evidence and doing some research, you come to a conclusion. You then submit your conclusion to peer review. This is the part of the scientific method where other scientists ruthlessly try to rip apart your discovery. They try to prove it wrong, falsify it, find something wrong with it, and destroy it. If just one point fails in your discovery, you are sent out and you have to spend more time perfecting it. After a long process, the discovery is finally bulletproof and gets published, at least, until it is falsified later if at all.

That is how science works. That is real science and any scientist who goes through that process would be considered a real scientist. Additionally, real scientists will humbly admit that they don't know very much- which is what drives them to figure things out. They start with nothing. No presuppositions. You can't have a presupposition and be a real scientist- because if start out with a presupposition, that is called bias, and it is highly frowned upon in the scientific community.

So what is the difference between real scientists and creation scientists? Creation scientists base all of their ideas on the assumption that the bible is true by default. That is the main difference. That is what makes them bad scientists. A good scientist draws a conclusion from the evidence, and a bad scientist starts with a conclusion and tries to find evidence to support it.

If creation science were a valid field of study, it would just be called science just like every other scientific field of study. But the distinction is clear and I cannot stress the distinction enough: Creation scientists base everything on the PRESUPPOSITION that the bible is true. How would one expect to make any progress in knowledge if they already claim to know the truth from the beginning?

Which brings me to my second point- creation science does not, and can not make any progress in knowledge like real science can. All creation science is, is an amature lawyer trying to defend a serial killer who still has his victims blood stains on his hands. Creation scientists don't try to find anything new- they try to fish up evidence to support their presupposed claim. You don't see creation scientists making discoveries, do you? How about a creation scientist who finds the cure for a sickness?

Of course you can say that Francis Collins may be religious and yet he was one of the people apart of the human genome process. But does he deny evolution and say that the earth is 6000 years old like creation scientists? No. He is a religious scientist, not a creation scientist. Perhaps you may say that Carl Linnaeus was a creationist and he is known as the "father of taxonomy" in which taxonomy is still widely used today by every biologist in the field. But of course he was a creationist- we lived over a century before Darwin and no other theory of the diversity of life was even proposed. Do you really think he would still be a full blown creationist had he heard about evolution during his lifetime? Again, he was not a creation scientist because he was not looking for ways to try to prove a presupposition.

So for all you creationists who get upset whenever refers to REAL scientists in comparison to CREATION scientist, it's not because we don't like you, it's not because we are sinners, it's not because we are homosexually active animals raping Satan worshippers- it's because there is a real difference between creation scientists and real scientists just like there is a real difference between evolution and the origin of life.

However I'm sure that analogy just confused you more because the CREATION scientists that you listen to actually tell you that evolution and the origin of life are the same thing, which of course they're not. Evolution explains the diversity of life, period. Origin of life is just that, the origin of life. Evolution STARTS after the origin of life.

But I digress. Now you know the difference between real scientists and creation scientists. Keep this in mind whenever you hear the phrase "creation scientist" thrown around too loosely.

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