14 April, 2010

Setting Traps

Yes, I will admit that setting traps for people is a twisted thing to do because it sets them up for public failure against their choosing. However, perhaps framing would be good if the person being trapped had a secret which needed desperately to be exposed- a secret which many people trust. There is a large handful of people who already know this secret, but trapping this person would get the secret out much more, especially if it spreads through youtube like wildfire.

Perhaps we already know how stupid a particular creationist site is. We know how desperate creationists are getting now but we want to show the world just how desperate they are- which could possibly be MUCH more desperate. They could be hiding things and lying even more than we already know they do.

Stay Tuned


RyuOni1989 said...

Hmmm...I'm not too sure. The Framing thing sounds like something that Scientologists would do. Though really, for people doing stupid shit- it's best just to let them ramble on and tangle themselves in their own idiocy.

chattiestspike2 said...

I just had to make a slight correction. I used the wrong word. Framing is definitely not the right word. Instead, it is simply setting traps. If they are stupid enough to fall into the trap, it's their fault. And the trap would be very obvious too.

Yeah. Not framing.